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Publié : 22 mai 2014
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The hero

A Short Story by Aïssatou (4B)

The Story Of A Mask Wearer

We find in the oldest legends of this world the story of the masks of strength. These masks, which are of great value and are carriers of the sacred magic of the elements, would be given to humans having much heart and spirit. There are 4 masks : that of the earth, the water, the fire and that of the air and sixteen stones of power who serve to feed these masks of a powerful magic. In the eternal fight between the Gods of the positive and the negative worlds, the task of these Chosen Ones would be to restore the balance of the world and its powers. Amos Daragon, son of Urban and Frilla Daragon, was chosen to achieve this mission. Ever since he was born, his fate was written by the White Lady in golden letters in the big history of the eternal heroes. This supreme Goddess of the world waited patiently for the day of his revelation. On a magnificent summer morning, Amos went to the bay of caves. After two hours of walking, exhausted, he sat down on the beach and contemplated the show of nature. The sky being already high in the sky, he said to himself “C’mon Amos, get to work.” While the fisherman passed by the entrance of a cave, his attention was caught by a big dead black crow. He raised his eyes towards the sky and saw a dozen of these birds, circling over the cliffs. Then suddenly he heard a powerful shout. It seemed both human and animal at the same time. A charming voice full of soft and melodic accents took Amos out of his torpor. “I am in the cave, come quick, I’m waiting for you. I won’t hurt you, I only scream to scare away the birds.” Amos entered the cave and drew closer to where the voice was coming from. When he saw the creature, Amos had to fight the urge to run away. In front of him was a mermaid, lying in a small puddle of water. Next to her he saw an ivory trident. Amos noticed that she was hurt, he proposed to help her but she smiled and tenderly said “you are kind young man. Unfortunately I am condemned to die. During confrontations with Merriens my organs were severely injured. Now, take this white stone and go to Gwenfandrille’s in Tarkasis Wood as soon as you can. Tell the Queen that her friend Crivannia, Princess of the Waters, has died and that her kingdom fell into the hands of her enemies. And tell her that I chose you as a mask wearer. Swear upon your life that you’ll accomplish this mission.” Mindlessly, Amos swore on his life. “Now run away. Run and block your ears because a Princess of the Waters who dies doesn’t leave this world quietly. Take this trident, it will be useful to you.” At the moment the young man left the cave, he covered his ears and the cave collapsed in a loud crash. When it all ended, a loud and profound silence took over the place. Amos went back home while being totally overwhelmed by what he had just lived.