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Publié : 22 mai 2014
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The Hero

A Short Story by Emmy (4B)

Emma and her mother were in the city center of Central Park in the middle of a shopping day and were taking a break in a café when a strange man, who was coming out of an asylum, suddenly appeared. Everybody believed that he was a policeman because he had 2 weapons. He was shooting everywhere and shot in the wall of the café. He shot Emma’s mother because he was crazy.

One week later, on the day of her mother’s burial, Emma went in front of the grave where her mother had just been put down by 6 men. She wanted to place a rose in it. She looked at her hand and she saw a white rose grow within it. She thought that she was a superhero. She fainted and woke up face to face with her mother’s coffin and she lived all her life with a superpower and helped the people of America.