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Publié : 18 octobre 2014
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A short story by Emma

Mister Gothic

I’m Mister Gothic and this is my portrait with my wife. Before, we had a child, Georges. I will tell you about Georges.
He was an orphan, his mother had left him in front of our door when he was a baby. My wife and me took him in at the second we saw him. He was a shy little boy. At school he didn’t have any friends but Georges was a brilliant pupil. He often told me : “Daddy, I will be a writer when I grow up.” He had a gift for writing, he wrote lots of poems. I didn’t want another child because I gave all the love I had to Georges.
One day, it was a beautiful day, Georges was playing in the garden, he was running after the dog and helping me in the garden. At night, I wanted to go hunting with Georges. My wife was stressed out but seeing Georges so happy, she said yes. We arrived in the forest, I put out my riffle and I took Georges near me. Suddenly, a beast ran towards him and grabbed Georges in its mouth. I took my riffle and I shot...
My wife, crying, hit me and threw herself in my arms. Yes, Georges died when I fired.
Today, is the first anniversary of his death.