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Publié : 18 octobre 2014
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A Short Story by Estelle

The Runaway

(librement inspiré de The Runaway de Norman Rockwell)

The Runaway

Once upon a time, a little boy named Greg and aged six years old. He lived in a farm two hundred miles from London with his parents. But his parents manhandled him so he was placed in a foster home. Greg didn’t make any friends, he hated his foster home. One day, he decided to run away from it. He walked for three days to the capital without eating. A family discovered him on the side of the road and accommodated him in their home. He stayed during two months but he left the family because he didn’t want to stay in the country and walked to the capital, London. He left a letter :

Thursday, April 23rd
Dear Beth, John and Mike,
I left home because I didn’t want to stay in the country. I have to go to London but I love you very much. I’ll keep a photo of you to keep you with me !

While he was walking, he found a coin. He kept it and kept on. He saw a road sign which said "London 15 miles". He ran but wore out. He decided to sleep between a meadow and a church. The next day, he woke up at 7.00 AM and started again to London. Nine hours later, he arrived. He found a diner and sat down at the counter with a policeman. He talked with him for a long time but Greg was hungry so he took out his coin. The policeman put his coin away and paid him a meal. He found him so cute that he decided to adopt him when he would be done eating. Greg accepted to be taken in. Many years later, he loved his new foster home and grew with them. When he was nineteen years old, he studied the law for eight years. He had competitive examination and became the president of the association for manhandled children. He looked for his mean parents but discovered that they were dead. He didn’t cry because they had abused him when he was a little boy. He met a girl, Mary, who became his wife four years later. They had two children : one girl, Emily, and one boy, George.