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Publié : 18 octobre 2014
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A Short Story by Angéline

The Unicorn Story

The Unicorn Story

Once upon a time, in a country named Utopia was living a white horse with his skin like snow, called Snowpiercer. Snowpiercer was a very sad and lonely horse. But he lived in a city which was suffering from a virus which made the inhabitants of Utopia unhappy and sorrowful. Strangely, Snowpiercer was sad before the sickness appeared. Nobody ever knew why. Maybe he had caught it before all the others.
When all the horses, all the fairies and the dwarves and everybody in Utopia had caught the stone virus, something inexplicable happened. Slowly they all turned into stone little by little and Snowpiercer panicked and wondered what he could do. Then suddenly he remembered a story that his mother had told him when he was younger. It was about a fairy. A good fairy, a powerful and nice fairy. And he had an idea.

"Blue ! Blue Fairy ! Please, I need your help ! Something happened."

So he closed his eyes and concentrated. He tried to remember his mother when she was reading the book. And something happened, something that had never happened before.
Then he heard a small noise, a marvelous sparkle. He opened his big purple eyes full of tears and he saw the magical Blue Fairy. She was very small, the size of a strawberry with a little sparkling dress.

"I’m here, Snowpiercer. You called me and I felt your sincerity. What’s going on ?"
"Blue Fairy ! You exist ! I, I can’t believe it ! Hmm, oh, there’s a virus, the stone virus. Everybody in the city is sick and all of them are going to turn into stone... What can I do, they’re all sad..."
"Snowpiercer, you are the only one who can beat it. The sickness can’t touch you because you were sad when it appeared . You created that sickness with your sorrow in that perfect world. And I feel you can fight it. I will help."

Then the Blue Fairy took out her wand and with just one touch made the horse sparkle, his skin shone hard and a rain of stars fell on him. Everything inside him changed. He felt better, special, all the pain that he had was gone . And he knew what he had to do. He ran to the town and, as he was running, a horn grew out of his forehead.
When he arrived, he saw something terrible. Everyone, everybody, every troll and animal had turned into stone and with his new magical horn, he touched a horse and with a sparkle, he unstoned him with a great smile on his face. After a little while, everyone turned into a happy person. All was perfect, no sickness, no unhappy person and Snowpiercer was called Savior of the Royals, and everyone lived happily everafter.