Articles concernant les voyages, articles d’élèves réalisés en classe, ou encore exercices et précisions sur des points de grammaire, de langage ou de civilisations.



  • Mister Gothic - Octobre 2014

    I’m Mister Gothic and this is my portrait with my wife. Before, we had a child, Georges. I will tell you about Georges.
    He was an orphan, his mother had left him in front of our door when he was a baby. My wife and me took him in at the second we saw him. He was a shy little boy. At school he didn’t have any friends but Georges was a brilliant pupil. He often told me : “Daddy, I will be a writer when I grow up.” He had a gift for writing, he wrote lots of poems. I didn’t want another child (...)

  • The Runaway - Octobre 2014

    The Runaway
    Once upon a time, a little boy named Greg and aged six years old. He lived in a farm two hundred miles from London with his parents. But his parents manhandled him so he was placed in a foster home. Greg didn’t make any friends, he hated his foster home. One day, he decided to run away from it. He walked for three days to the capital without eating. A family discovered him on the side of the road and accommodated him in their home. He stayed during two months but he left the (...)

  • The Unicorn Story - Octobre 2014

    The Unicorn Story
    Once upon a time, in a country named Utopia was living a white horse with his skin like snow, called Snowpiercer. Snowpiercer was a very sad and lonely horse. But he lived in a city which was suffering from a virus which made the inhabitants of Utopia unhappy and sorrowful. Strangely, Snowpiercer was sad before the sickness appeared. Nobody ever knew why. Maybe he had caught it before all the others. When all the horses, all the fairies and the dwarves and everybody in (...)

  • A Short Story by Aïssatou (4B) - Mai 2014

    We find in the oldest legends of this world the story of the masks of strength. These masks, which are of great value and are carriers of the sacred magic of the elements, would be given to humans having much heart and spirit. There are 4 masks : that of the earth, the water, the fire and that of the air and sixteen stones of power who serve to feed these masks of a powerful magic. In the eternal fight between the Gods of the positive and the negative worlds, the task of these Chosen Ones (...)

  • A Short Story by Emmy (4B) - Mai 2014

    Emma and her mother were in the city center of Central Park in the middle of a shopping day and were taking a break in a café when a strange man, who was coming out of an asylum, suddenly appeared. Everybody believed that he was a policeman because he had 2 weapons. He was shooting everywhere and shot in the wall of the café. He shot Emma’s mother because he was crazy.
    One week later, on the day of her mother’s burial, Emma went in front of the grave where her mother had just been put down by (...)

  • A Creative Writing Workshop 4e and 3e - Février 2014

    Un atelier d’écriture d’histoires en Anglais s’ouvre pour les élèves de 4e et de 3e sur le créneau du jeudi midi de 13h à 14h en salle 106 avec Mme Anème.